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Web tips and Smart Phone tips are great tools to use to give anonymous information to crime stoppers.  When there is urgency in tip information given to crime stoppers, i.e. a wanted person at a known location at the time of the tip.  Crime stoppers asks, please consider calling our 24/7 hotline: (325) 676-TIPS (8477).  You are still anonymous, and the urgency of your tip information can be communicated to the call taker and then to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.  Delay of web tips or text tips can be due to the time of day the tip was given, or lag time in receiving the tip information via the Internet. This can prevent the tip being acted on in a timely manner.  Therefore; calling our hotline can help to ensure a more appropriate response for these types of tips.

As always you will remain anonymous we want your information not your name.

Rewards are only paid out when your tip information actually helps to solve any unsolved felony crime, leading to an arrest and charges  filed on the person or persons responsable.  Rewards will not paid out when the information is already known to the investigating agency or investigator.

YOUR TIP INFORMATION must play a key role in helping to solve any unsolved felony crime or the capture of a wanted felon.

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Homicide of Jennifer Servo
September 16, 2002

Unsolved Homicide  
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Jennifer Servo, 22, a reporter for NBC affiliate KRBC-TV, was found dead by an employee of her apartment complex about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.
A co-worker asked employees of Hunters Ridge Apartments in the 5500 block of Texas Avenue to check on Servo after she had not been heard from in several days.
Jennifer Lynn "Jen" Olson Servo was murdered by strangulation and head trauma on Sept. 16, 2002, in Abilene, Texas, in her apartment, one week before her 23rd birthday.

Justice for Jennifer Servo

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